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M-1 Global Ring Girls - Katya on the sea

M-1 Global Ring Girls – Katya

Say what you want about M-1 Global - and we would agree with you about the lack of fights, profile, media coverage, etc - but they have THE BEST ring girls in the world. Period.

M-1 Global Ring Girl Getting Dressed for Work

Now this is the type of MMA Ring Girl we need to see a whole lot more of. Seriously, Arianny Celeste appears in Playboy and the world goes crazy? – meh! We need more fotos of this ring girl doing anything, please. share this post: … Read More


Gotta get more of these M-1 Global Ring Girls

OK, OK – but can you really blame us? We just want to know where this beach is and at what time of day she does this so that we can, well…. Plus this is a photo documentation of the quotidian life of a busy … Read More

Another M-1 Global Ring Girl

Because M-1 Global MMA has the best ring girls on the planet AND because we never get to see enough of them. This is why we post. It just make the entire day a little bit brighter. share this post: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this … Read More