Brendan Schaub taking care of business at UFC 121

Brendan Schaub gave Gabriel Gonzaga a solid beating at UFC 121. A lot of people had Schaub as the underdog and he came out strong, […]

M-1 Global Ring Girl Getting Dressed for Work

Now this is the type of MMA Ring Girl we need to see a whole lot more of. Seriously, Arianny Celeste appears in Playboy and […]

Gotta get more of these M-1 Global Ring Girls

OK, OK – but can you really blame us? We just want to know where this beach is and at what time of day she […]

Another M-1 Global Ring Girl

Because M-1 Global MMA has the best ring girls on the planet AND because we never get to see enough of them. This is why […]

LaTasha Marzolla – former Playboy Pin-Up and MMA Fighter

Latasha Marzolla lost her MMA fight last Saturday when her elbow popped on the first takedown. But she was great to watch while she was […]

K-1 World Max 2010 poster

Great style. Good visual design is what's desperately lacking in MMA. Thanks K-1 for making a cool poster.

Winner and New UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World – Cain Velasquez

This time the UFC has the real deal on their hands - a true heavyweight MMA champion. Cain could go up against any of the other real heavyweights out there - Fedor, Overeem, you name it. Can't wait to see what this guy does to the division and to the sport of MMA.

Dream 1 Light Weight Grand Prix 2008 poster

This is what MMA has to get back to - some freakin' style! C'mon UFC. We're not all meat-heads. There are those of us who appreciate good design.

OK – More “Whamma-Slamma” by Diego Sanchez at UFC 121

Because we just can't get enough of that body slam by Diego Sanchez on Paulo Thiago. Someone make an animated gif out of it - quick!

Diego Sanchez with the Body Slam of the Night at UFC 121

It's highlight reel time for Diego Sanchez as he whamma-slams Paulo Thiago thru the canvas at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California.

The guy made a crevice in the canvas that was later filled with Brock Lesnar's blood.

Court McGee pulls out a win over Ryan Jensen at UFC 121

This was a tough fight for Court McGee who looked stiff in the first round. But he got it together in the second and pulled off a solid win over Ryan Jensen [who btw is no slouch - this guy is granite!].

Arianny Celeste “working” at UFC 121

Arianny Celeste. Yup. OK.

Really, we're just not that into her.