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UFC 123 Tyson Griffin vs. Nik Lentz

Tyson Griffin "was robbed" in his loss to Nik Lentz at UFC 123, or at least that's what UFC President Dana White said about the fight. Never having seen it because it was on the un-televised undercard, we can't say for sure what happened. But Dana White isn't known for being shy - so we'll go with his opinion.

Kajan Johnson vs Ryan Healy – MFC 27

Our buddy Kajan Johnson looked real good in his fight against Ryan Healy at the recent MFC 27. He dominated the entire 3 rounds and took the win without question. Sure, it would have been better for him to finish the fight in knockout style - but he did a heckova job anyway.

Maximo Blanco vs Kiuma Kunioku

Maximo Blanco is the real deal when it comes to MMA, fighting and generally kicking the crap out of your opponent. Blanco dominated Kunioku throughout the entire fight and took the win.

Zoila Frausto defeats Megumi Fujii at Bellator 34

The decision for Zoila Frausto at Bellator 34 was not without controversy. We saw the fight and we still couldn't tell you whether it was Zoila or Megumi Fujii who won it. It was one of those fights where you know the judges are going to screw up the decision no matter who they declare the winner.

And the winner is…

Terrific moment of the win after the fight. Great work by p4peventphotos.

No other details on who this is, where the fight was or anything. So, we can just build our own story around it.

Dangerous Christiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos

Chris Cyborg is about as dangerous as it gets in MMA – male or female. This girl can bang with the best of them. In fact, she has and that’s why she’s the current Strikeforce Women’s Champion. We’re not sure who is even out there […]

Japanese Girls climb onto Alistair Overeem

If you happen to know WTF is going on here in Japan with K-1 fighter Alistair Overeem, then let us know. All we can figure out is that maybe its another one of those wacky Japanese promotional stunts.

Lyoto Machida pushes it for his upcoming fight at UFC 123

In spite of the betting line which currently has Lyoto Machida at -260 and Quinton Rampage Jackson at +230, we're not sure who is going to knock out who when they both meet at UFC 123.

Pride GP 2005 Second Round Poster

At least there's one thing Pride had - besides great fighters, great fights, exciting cards, entertaining shows and millions of fans - style. Pride FC had style when MMA organizations were still trying to find the crop button in photoshop.

Deep Impact 50 – Maeda vs. Otsuka

Yoshiro Maeda pulls out a majority decision squeaker win over Takafumi Otsuka at Deep Impact 50 in Tokyo, Japan on October 24, 2010. Darned if we could not find it anywhere out there on those crazy 'internet tubes' - and so we never did get to see any of the action. Time to track down the torrent I guess

Dana White and his Cars

LIfe is good when you’re riding the phenomenon the fastest growing sport on the planet – MMA – coupled with the fastest growing bank account. If this guy ever stops smiling, that’ll be the shocker. share this post: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

Brendan Schaub taking care of business at UFC 121

Brendan Schaub gave Gabriel Gonzaga a solid beating at UFC 121. A lot of people had Schaub as the underdog and he came out strong, proving them all wrong. Sure he was on Ultimate Fighter, but he’s showing that he’s is a hard-striking force to […]