Monthly Archives: October 2010

Diego Sanchez with the Body Slam of the Night at UFC 121

It's highlight reel time for Diego Sanchez as he whamma-slams Paulo Thiago thru the canvas at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California.

The guy made a crevice in the canvas that was later filled with Brock Lesnar's blood.

Court McGee pulls out a win over Ryan Jensen at UFC 121

This was a tough fight for Court McGee who looked stiff in the first round. But he got it together in the second and pulled off a solid win over Ryan Jensen [who btw is no slouch - this guy is granite!].

Arianny Celeste “working” at UFC 121

Arianny Celeste. Yup. OK.

Really, we're just not that into her.

How much does this hurt? Guess right and win a prize [no, not really].

Sam Stout and Paul Taylor hammer away at each other during their bout at UFC 121 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

These two fighters brought it and left it in the ring - no question. A night of pain and loss [of blood] for both of them.

Sam Stout battles a tough Paul Taylor and barely gets the win.

This was one of those back and forth, it could go either way kind of fights. But it was a nice win for Sam Stout [and a tough loss for Paul Taylor] at UFC 121.

Camozzi brings it to Yi Yang at UFC 121

Never did get to see this prelim - gotta watch it later today.

We know this - Chris Camozzi is a gamer who serves hard, cold knuckle sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dream 2 Poster

These Dream posters are just damn cool. We wanna collect them all and frame them.

Jon Madsen – Winner over Gilbert Yvel at UFC 121

A solid win for a good ol' Canadian boy - Jon Madsen at UFC 121.

Way to bring it on, Jon. Nice fight.

Dream 4 Poster

The Dream Middle Weight GrandPrix 2008 poster - a classic MMA poster.

UFC take a note - bring some style into mixed martial arts, please.

Battlefield MMA fights – Friday Night

Yusuf was givin' blood all fight long and left it in the ring. Tough loss but we know he'll be back - because he's a real fighter.

The New UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World – Cain Velasquez

Yes We Cain! An exciting fight and a terrific win for the New UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World - Cain Velasquez.

Pride 29 Poster

We love these classic Pride FC Grand Prix posters. Pride was the last real MMA organization to bring style into the sport of mixed martial arts.