Monthly Archives: October 2010

Deep Impact 50 – Maeda vs. Otsuka

Yoshiro Maeda pulls out a majority decision squeaker win over Takafumi Otsuka at Deep Impact 50 in Tokyo, Japan on October 24, 2010. Darned if we could not find it anywhere out there on those crazy 'internet tubes' - and so we never did get to see any of the action. Time to track down the torrent I guess

Dana White and his Cars

LIfe is good when you’re riding the phenomenon the fastest growing sport on the planet – MMA – coupled with the fastest growing bank account. If this guy ever stops smiling, that’ll be the shocker. share this post: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

Brendan Schaub taking care of business at UFC 121

Brendan Schaub gave Gabriel Gonzaga a solid beating at UFC 121. A lot of people had Schaub as the underdog and he came out strong, proving them all wrong. Sure he was on Ultimate Fighter, but he’s showing that he’s is a hard-striking force to […]

M-1 Global Ring Girl Getting Dressed for Work

Now this is the type of MMA Ring Girl we need to see a whole lot more of. Seriously, Arianny Celeste appears in Playboy and the world goes crazy? – meh! We need more fotos of this ring girl doing anything, please. share this post: […]

Gotta get more of these M-1 Global Ring Girls

OK, OK – but can you really blame us? We just want to know where this beach is and at what time of day she does this so that we can, well…. Plus this is a photo documentation of the quotidian life of a busy […]

Another M-1 Global Ring Girl

Because M-1 Global MMA has the best ring girls on the planet AND because we never get to see enough of them. This is why we post. It just make the entire day a little bit brighter. share this post: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this […]

LaTasha Marzolla – former Playboy Pin-Up and MMA Fighter

Latasha Marzolla lost her MMA fight last Saturday when her elbow popped on the first takedown. But she was great to watch while she was in there. Get well soon LaTasha. We want to see you ‘bounce’ back. ;P share this post: Bookmark on Delicious […]

K-1 World Max 2010 poster

Great style. Good visual design is what's desperately lacking in MMA. Thanks K-1 for making a cool poster.

Winner and New UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World – Cain Velasquez

This time the UFC has the real deal on their hands - a true heavyweight MMA champion. Cain could go up against any of the other real heavyweights out there - Fedor, Overeem, you name it. Can't wait to see what this guy does to the division and to the sport of MMA.

Dream 1 Light Weight Grand Prix 2008 poster

This is what MMA has to get back to - some freakin' style! C'mon UFC. We're not all meat-heads. There are those of us who appreciate good design.

Cain Velasquez delivering a heaping helping of red stuff to the face of Brock Lesnar

Cain Velasquez jack hammering the former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar into the matt. We think he wanted to pollock the place up a little with the red, red kroovy of Lesnar.

OK – More “Whamma-Slamma” by Diego Sanchez at UFC 121

Because we just can't get enough of that body slam by Diego Sanchez on Paulo Thiago. Someone make an animated gif out of it - quick!